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Frankie’s Juice Bar in the arcades of the “Nowy Świat” Banking and Financial Centre is now open

22 July 2016

At the Warsaw “Nowy Świat” Banking and Financial Centre complex, located just next to the Rondo de Gaulle roundabout, another attractive catering concept has been opened. The “Cuda na Kiju” bar, popular among the capital’s residents and located in the glass covered arcade of the building, has been joined by the Frankie’s juice bar, which has taken up 188 sq. metres in the characteristic “cubicle” on the Nowy Świat 2.0 office block side of the complex.

Frankie’s is a gastronomic concept derived from Scandinavia and focusing on promoting a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Its specialties are freshly blended juices and smoothies. In Frankie’s menu fans of a healthy diet will also find cocktails with rare extras such as acai fruit, goji berries, guarana and coconut water. Frankie’s team has also prepared for their customers a wide variety of freshly-sliced ​​salads and sandwiches, full of nutrients and free of preservatives.

Welcome to Frankie’s!