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Supercars in the Ferrari Corsa Baltica motorcade

27 July 2016

Ferrari Dealers in Katowice and Warsaw organized the 4th motorcade of sports cars under the name “Ferrari Corsa Baltica”.

The 4th Ferrari rally in the courtyard of the Nowy Świat Banking and Financial Centre

The cars took off from Katowice and travelled to Warsaw. Once in the capital, the cars could be seen at the meeting point for crews in the courtyard of Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe “Nowy Świat” S.A., where a Ferrari showroom is located. This building is located on the most prestigious street in Poland, at Nowy Świat 6/12.

Ferrari Corsa Baltica partners are:

The Shell Company, at whose stations refuelling of the cars will be carried out using Shell V-Power Nitro + fuels, is also a global partner of Ferrari in F1 competitions.

Gold of Energy, an energy drink based only on natural ingredients.

The event, which took place on July 28th -31st, 2016 featured some unusual car models, among which were those of the current Ferrari range, limited models produced in small series, and also some classic models.